The plum tree has long been grown on French hillsides, having arrived from China via the Silk Road. However, damsons were not brought to France until the thirteenth century during the Crusades. Crossing local plum trees with damsons brought from Syria gave rise to a new variety of plum tree called the “Ente” plum tree (from the old French enter meaning “to graft”) or “Agen” plum tree (referencing the city where the prunes came from).
Ente plums are picked when ripe, between mid-August and mid-September.
Their skin is a distinctive purple colour with a blueish tinge. Their honey-coloured flesh, which is deliciously sweet and juicy, has a variety of excellent properties.


Organic plum oil


Prunus Domestica Fruit Oil


100% derived from organic farming




Product from Organic Farming certified by Bureau veritas.


Plum oil is produced by first cold pressing plum kernels.


Plum oil is made up of 75% oleic acid (omega-9) and 20% linoleic acid (omega-6), making it a great source of these fatty acids. Omega-6 and omega-9, which are naturally present in human sebum, help to soften, soothe and condition the skin. Skin is therefore deeply nourished and protected from drying out.
This oil, which has a delicious bitter almond aroma, is naturally rich in vitamin E. This protects the cellular membrane from oxidation and combats the signs of ageing.
Plum oil feels wonderful and penetrates the skin easily, leaving it soft and silky.
These properties make it an ideal ingredient for dry and/or mature skin.

Enjoy the ample benefits and delicious scent of organic plum oil …

Sublimation – Healthy glow cream – 30ml


Certified organic and vegan cream – Airless bottle

The ultra-moisturising and delicately scented Sublimation is a daily face cream that’s ideal for all skin types. It contains precious apricot, plum and macadamia nut oils to protect the skin and boost radiance. With each application, Sublimation helps relax and smooth the skin, leaving it delightfully soft with a beautiful, natural glow.

Its light, melting texture and delectable scent make it a joy to use.

Granitique – Gentle facial scrub – 50ml


Certified organic and vegan scrub – Glass jar

Granitique is a creamy facial scrub with a delicious fragrance. It’s made with cherry stone powder to gently exfoliate skin while stimulating cellular regeneration. Granitique unclogs pores and removes dead skin cells, leaving your complexion radiant.
Plum oil and shea purify and nourish your skin.

Résultat, la peau est purifiée et nourrie grâce au Karité et l’huile de Prune.

Amandon de prune bio

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