Annatto, also called achiote, is a perennial shrub with dense foliage which has grown since before the Incas. It is also sometimes referred to as urucum, taken from the language of the Tupi people (indigenous tribes from Brazil’s coastal areas) who named it urucu. In the Amazon, natives paint their bodies with it, in particular the face. They also use it for sun protection and to season food. The seeds can be made into a paste which works as an insect repellent and helps heal wounds. Annatto is also used for ceremonial purposes.
The fruits, which each contain about fifty seeds, are harvested between October and November after flowering.


Organic annatto or achiote


Bixa Orellana Seed


100% derived from organic farming


Traditional origin: The Americas, the Caribbean


Product from Organic Farming certified by Certis


The powder is made by grinding annatto seeds


Annatto is packed full of carotenoids and the trace elements zinc, magnesium, selenium and copper. It helps prepare skin for sun exposure and promotes tanning by stimulating melanin production.
Rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E, annatto is a powerful antioxidant and helps fight damage caused by free radicals.
Annatto is also purifying and healing, making it useful for irritated and damaged skin.

Enjoy the ample benefits and delicious scent of Annatto

Sublimation – Healthy glow cream – 30ml


Certified organic and vegan cream – Airless bottle

The ultra-moisturising and delicately scented Sublimation is a daily face cream that’s ideal for all skin types. It contains precious apricot, plum and macadamia nut oils to protect the skin and boost radiance. With each application, Sublimation helps relax and smooth the skin, leaving it delightfully soft with a beautiful, natural glow.

Its light, melting texture and delectable scent make it a joy to use.

Lumière d’Or – Face, body, hair oil – 100ml


Certified organic and vegan oil – Glass pump bottle

Our deliciously indulgent Lumière d’Or makes skin and hair lastingly more beautiful without ever feeling greasy.

This 3-in-1 oil contains natural and effective active ingredients. Its silky texture is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it satin-soft day after day. The hair’s natural shine is restored.

Lumière d’Or contains valuable active ingredients including annatto, a plant rich in beta carotene which enhances your complexion and tan.


Urucum, fruit exotique bio

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