With their creamy textures and subtle, naturally derived fragrances, Fées en Provence products are proof that organic products bring true joy.

With that in mind, we present…

  • Products that are highly concentrated in organic ingredients, well above the 10%* and 20%** required by the certifying bodies. For example, our Eau Végétale contains 94.8% organic ingredients, our Rosée d’Énergie 96.4% and our Sublimation 88.8%..

  • Ideal concentration of active ingredients in each of our products, which are all formulated without using water as a main ingredient

  • Natural effectiveness thanks to high levels of plant-based active ingredients (99% minimum in each product).

  • Products made WITHOUT parabens, phenoxyethanol, MIT, phthalates or artificial fragrances.

  • An approach to preservation using “nature-identical” preservatives that are authorised by Cosmebio.

*Bureau Veritas I-305 certification for ecological and organic beauty products
**COSMOS Organic standard



Fées en Provence advocates a responsible approach to beauty and is committed to…

  • Prioritising the use of ingredients derived from organic farming.

  • Maintaining sustainable partnerships with local suppliers who share our values.

  • Protecting the environment by promoting the use of glass bottles without secondary packaging.

  • Supporting the Slow Cosmétique movement by focusing our attention on a high-quality range of a modest size. Each formula we create is the fruit of considerable care and attention.
  • Respecting life in all its forms by creating 100% vegan products.

An environmentally friendly approach to beauty that is not misleading

Fées en Provence is recognised by Slow Cosmétique for its proactive approach and the authenticity of its products.


To our region,


Provence has always been home to plants and flowers with surprising benefits. This is why Fées en Provence chose this region as the brand’s main source of ingredients for our fragrant, high-quality, natural products.
All of our formulas are developed and manufactured in Provence. Our brand is inspired by the know-how behind fragrances from Grasse, the French capital of perfume. These high-quality, all-natural products are scented with fresh rose, cherry, blackberry and vanilla.
Fées en Provence, also uses natural resources from all over France to create products that are completely clean and which have unique sensory appeal.