The skin of your face is thin and delicate, and susceptible to daily damage from external factors such as cold weather, make-up, pollution and sun. These factors weaken, dull and dry our skin, and may cause it to age prematurely. To protect your skin from damage, you need high-quality beauty products.
Certified organic Fées en Provence facial skincare products give your skin all the nutrients it needs to look better. Moisturising is an essential part of preserving the elasticity of your skin. When properly hydrated, skin feels soft and supple. Moisturising also delays and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
You can trust Fées en Provence’s moisturising, nourishing and toning products to help reduce skin imperfections and preserve your skin’s natural glow.

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Luminessence – Eye contour cream – 15ml


Certified organic and vegan – Airless bottle

Our Luminessence eye contour cream is enriched with organic everlasting flower. Its triple-action formula helps tone the eye contour area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
1. Firms up skin, visibly reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
2. Reduces puffiness and dark circles.
3. Adds radiance to skin, giving eyes a brighter appearance.
This cream protects the skin around the eyes, leaving it feeling good all day long.

Nectar Régénerant – 24-hour face cream – 30ml


Certified organic and vegan cream – Airless bottle

Our Nectar Régénerant miracle cream is enriched with raspberry seed oil to deeply nourish and hydrate skin. Damask rose and antioxidant-rich white tea help prevent ageing of the skin.
Its rich texture is absorbed quickly into the skin for a soothing, pleasant feel that lasts all day.
Each morning and/or evening, apply Nectar Régénerant to the face and neck with small circular motions.

Sa texture onctueuse pénètre rapidement et enveloppe la peau de confort et de douceur tout au long de la journée.

Nutrition intense – Hydrate et nourrit pendant 24h

Rosée d’Énergie – Moisturising toner – 150ml


Certified organic and vegan toner – Bottle

Tone your skin with Rosée d’Énergie, a true cocktail of vitamins made with fresh cucumber. Use first thing in the morning or after make-up removal. This alcohol-free toner hydrates and refreshes skin – the perfect final step in your cleansing regime.
Its gentle, natural fragrance combining notes of rose and blackcurrant is like a breath of fresh air.

Sublimation – Healthy glow cream – 30ml


Certified organic and vegan cream – Airless bottle

The ultra-moisturising and delicately scented Sublimation is a daily face cream that’s ideal for all skin types. It contains precious apricot, plum and macadamia nut oils to protect the skin and boost radiance. With each application, Sublimation helps relax and smooth the skin, leaving it delightfully soft with a beautiful, natural glow.

Its light, melting texture and delectable scent make it a joy to use.