The mango tree is an exotic tree in the Anacardiaceae family native to India and Burma. It is widely grown in tropical countries for its fleshy fruit.
This majestic tree with a huge trunk can grow up to 40 metres tall. Its dense, dark green foliage forms a wide spherical crown. Its long roots draw water from deep down in the ground, enabling the tree to survive droughts. The mango tree is very productive, bearing a high number of juicy, fleshy, yellow fruits that can sometimes be fibrous.


Organic mango butter


Mangifera indica seed butter


100% derived from organic farming


Traditional origin: Inde, Birmanie


Product from Organic Farming certified by Ecocert according to the Cosmos standard.


Mango butter is mechanically extracted from the seeds of the mango fruit.


Mango butter has been used in skincare for centuries. It contains nutrients which are easily absorbed by the skin.
Mango butter is high in stearic and oleic acid which deliver hydration, softness and suppleness to the skin. It contains many active ingredients that make it an excellent moisturising agent suitable for all skin types.
Rich in antioxidants, this butter also protects the skin from signs of premature ageing and promotes tissue regeneration.
Mango butter also has excellent properties for hair: it nourishes and strengthens the hair shaft as well as adding radiance and shine.

Enjoy the ample benefits and delicious scent of organic Mango butter …

Sérénité – Comforting body cream – 200ml


Certified organic and vegan cream – Glass jar

This vanilla and sweet orange body cream has a gorgeous texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin without feeling greasy. Skin feels soothed and deeply nourished. Used daily, this cream helps tackle skin irritation, tightness and redness. Rich in mango butter and coconut oil, this cream truly pampers your skin.

Lumière d’Or – Face, body, hair oil – 100ml


Certified organic and vegan oil – Glass pump bottle

Our deliciously indulgent Lumière d’Or makes skin and hair lastingly more beautiful without ever feeling greasy.

This 3-in-1 oil contains natural and effective active ingredients. Its silky texture is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it satin-soft day after day. The hair’s natural shine is restored.

Lumière d’Or contains valuable active ingredients including annatto, a plant rich in beta carotene which enhances your complexion and tan.


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