The damask rose originated in Syria, and despite its name is mainly grown in Morocco, Bulgaria and Turkey. It can grow in the wild in cooler climates, but also in southern regions.
The rose is the queen of flowers and has been a symbol of love since ancient times, providing a constant source of fascination. In most cultures, roses symbolise love, purity and passion.
Damask roses are well known for the strong fragrance of their petals, which is particularly intense before sunrise. Fresh petals should be used for the highest-quality hydrosol and essential oil. The essential oil produced from the damask rose is perhaps the rarest to come from the Rosaceae family. As well as its fabulous perfume, the oil has valuable cosmetic properties for the skin.


Organic Damask rose hydrosol


Rosa Damascena Flower Water


100% derived from organic farming


Traditional origin: Syria


Product from Organic Farming certified by Ecocert


Damask rose hydrosol is produced by steam distilling damask rose petals.


Damask rose hydrosol is known for its anti-aging benefits and is a treasure for mature skin. As well as having antioxidant properties, this valuable water supports skin renewal and provides deep hydration. It restores radiance to dull and tired-looking complexions.
Damask rose floral water also has distinctive refreshing and toning qualities.
This enables it to alleviate irritated skin, reducing redness and pampering problem skin.
As well as cosmetic properties, damask rose has a strong yet delicate perfume that makes it a staple for use in beauty products.

Enjoy the ample benefits and delicious scent of organic Damask rose hydrosol …

Nectar Régénerant – 24-hour face cream – 30ml


Certified organic and vegan cream – Airless bottle

Our Nectar Régénerant miracle cream is enriched with raspberry seed oil to deeply nourish and hydrate skin. Damask rose and antioxidant-rich white tea help prevent ageing of the skin.
Its rich texture is absorbed quickly into the skin for a soothing, pleasant feel that lasts all day.
Each morning and/or evening, apply Nectar Régénerant to the face and neck with small circular motions.

Sa texture onctueuse pénètre rapidement et enveloppe la peau de confort et de douceur tout au long de la journée.

Nutrition intense – Hydrate et nourrit pendant 24h

Eau Végétale – Cleansing Fluid for Sensitive Skin and Eyes – 150ml


Eau Végétale effectively removes dirt and make-up from your skin.
Packed full of natural, plant-based active ingredients, this makeup removal fluid leaves skin perfectly cleansed, hydrated and soothed. The skin’s natural softness and beauty are restored, priming it for the application of other beauty products.
Eau Végétale is formulated with lavender water, making it suitable for even the most sensitive eyes.

Rosée d’Énergie – Moisturising toner – 150ml


Certified organic and vegan toner – Bottle

Tone your skin with Rosée d’Énergie, a true cocktail of vitamins made with fresh cucumber. Use first thing in the morning or after make-up removal. This alcohol-free toner hydrates and refreshes skin – the perfect final step in your cleansing regime.
Its gentle, natural fragrance combining notes of rose and blackcurrant is like a breath of fresh air.

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