Blackcurrant is a shrub in the Grossulariaceae family originating in northern Europe. It’s mainly known for its black fruits and leaves, which have medicinal properties. It is a bushy shrub with purplish leaves that give off the distinctive smell of the fruit. In the wild, the shrub grows along streams and in swamps. It can reach up to 1 or 1.5 metres in height.
There are no records of blackcurrants being used for eating until the sixteenth century.


Organic blackcurrant hydrosol


Ribes Nigrum Leaf Water




Traditional origin: temperate regions of Europe, Asia Minor and the Himalayas.


Product from Organic Farming certified by Ecocert according to the Cosmos standard.


Blackcurrant hydrosol is produced through steam distilling the leaves of the blackcurrant bush.


Blackcurrant hydrosol has an exceptional aroma. It is characterised by a fresh, tangy scent very similar to that of the fruit. Recommended for damaged, tired or sagging skin, it has a toning, moisturising and antioxidant effect. Blackcurrant hydrosol invigorates the skin and helps relieve oxidative stress. It helps combat free radicals, which cause premature skin ageing. As a result of its purifying and astringent properties, blackcurrant hydrosol helps tighten the pores, leaving the skin feeling fresh.

Enjoy the ample benefits and delicious scent of organic Blackcurrant hydrosol …

Rosée d’Énergie – Moisturising toner – 150ml


Certified organic and vegan toner – Bottle

Tone your skin with Rosée d’Énergie, a true cocktail of vitamins made with fresh cucumber. Use first thing in the morning or after make-up removal. This alcohol-free toner hydrates and refreshes skin – the perfect final step in your cleansing regime.
Its gentle, natural fragrance combining notes of rose and blackcurrant is like a breath of fresh air.

Organic Blackcurrant hydrosol

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