If we are to believe the ancient texts, apricots featured on the tables of the Chinese emperors as far back as 3000 BC. It wasn’t until 300 BC, however, that it appeared in orchards. And it was only at the start of the sixteenth century that apricots were officially cultivated in France. Soldiers collected the stones during military campaigns, then planted them in their homes on their return. Today the apricot is one of the most widely grown trees in southern Europe.
The apricot tree is a small fruit tree of the genus Prunus, in the Rosaceae family. It flowers in the spring, making it vulnerable to damage from late frosts.


Apricot kernel oil


Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil


100% derived from organic farming


Traditional origin: Europe, Morocco, Turkey


Product of organic farming certified by Ecocert in compliance with the COSMOS standard


Apricot vegetable oil is produced by first cold pressing apricot kernels.


Apricot oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid), as well as vitamins A and E. These help combat ageing by promoting cellular regeneration. In addition, beta-carotene helps prepare the skin for sun exposure. This non-greasy oil boosts luminosity, instantly imparting a natural healthy glow. These properties make it ideal for dull, tired-looking skin. And because it’s a fantastic emollient and moisturiser, apricot oil soothes, revitalises and restores suppleness to dry or damaged skin.

Enjoy the ample benefits and delicious scent of organic apricot kernel oil

Sublimation – Healthy glow cream – 30ml


Certified organic and vegan cream – Airless bottle

The ultra-moisturising and delicately scented Sublimation is a daily face cream that’s ideal for all skin types. It contains precious apricot, plum and macadamia nut oils to protect the skin and boost radiance. With each application, Sublimation helps relax and smooth the skin, leaving it delightfully soft with a beautiful, natural glow.

Its light, melting texture and delectable scent make it a joy to use.

organic apricot kernels

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